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To be the preeminent facilitator of personnel services relating to medical actions for all Alabama Army National Guard soldiers.


To provide a timely and accurate response to all Alabama Army National Guard units and their soldiers regarding medical action inquiries.  To educate Alabama Army National Guard units regarding their roles and responsibilities in facilitating medical actions.  To review all medical action requests for accuracy and completeness and facilitate prompt submission to the appropriate entity.   Ensure that all service members receive the appropriate care and are appropriately compensated in accordance with established Army Regulations.  Ensure that all service members are treated fairly, justly and in a caring and compassionate manner.


Ø  Ensure each MACOM’s subordinate units have personnel properly trained in the compilation and submission of Line of Duty and medical action requests

Ø  Provide timely and accurate review and processing of all LODs through the LOD Module

Ø  Assist each MACOM’s subordinate units in completing the medical action packets as necessary

Ø  Identify deficiencies in the submitted packets in an effort to resolve them as quickly as possible to minimize delays in board actions and the benefits associated with such decisions

Ø  Provide information to deploying and redeployed service members regarding their options pertaining to medical care, pay, benefits and allowances

Ø  Streamline MAR2, FFD, MEB and PEB process to ensure service members are returned to duty or, if appropriate, discharged with entitled benefits in a timely fashion

Ø  Maintain a completion rate of 98% or better for all PDHRAs and ensure service members identified with a medical issue receive prompt attention and care

Ø  Provide each MACOM visibility of all medical actions being tracked in HSO



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